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Digital solutions to maximise your productivity and reduce your costs while minimising your environmental impact.

For construction, mining, and quarrying.



Usage data and connected machines for faster decision-making and proactive management of your assets, fleet, and remote site operations.

    Optimise machine usage, improve cycles, enhance operators’ skills, and ramp up job site efficiency to increase profitability.
    • Benefit from devices & softwares that boost machines capabilities
    • Control and optimise cycles
    • Enhance operator excellence
    • Maximise machines uptime
    • Improve job site efficiency & profitability
    Optimise production and costs, prolong asset lifespan with health monitoring, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through predictive maintenance.
    • Significant improvement of operating costs
    • Increase the life cycle of your assets through health monitoring
    • Optimise maintenance operations, frequency, costs (with predictive maintenance)
    • Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
    • Remote monitoring of machine health
    Leverage data and connected machines to decrease risks of errors and simplify operator’s onboarding.
    • Track operators behaviours to decrease risks of errors
    • Smart, simple and efficient operator on-boarding
    Monitor and reduce your fuel, oil, and CO2 impact, and optimise operations to minimise construction materials.
    • Track and minimise fuel, oil, and CO2 impact
    • Act on pollution triggers
    • Efficiency of operations and mining or construction work
    • Minimise materials used in construction


We leverage our century-long expertise in mining, quarrying, and construction to guide you seamlessly into the digital era. As a neutral partner, our main goal is to help you adopt digital transformation by selecting the most relevant technologies to increase your outcomes.


Our technology solutions aren’t linked to any manufacturer and is compatible with all brands which empowers your industry to enjoy the perks of digital transformation in a single suite.


It signifies ‘Digital Transformation’, the integration of digital technology into all areas of the business. DX includes technologies such as sensing technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, applications, software, networking capabilities, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The result? Increased efficiency and agility offering measurable advantages for your teams, customers, and shareholders.

for Mines, quarries & construction

Digital solutions that boost productivity, safety, and production efficiency.

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